artist spotlight: candy chang

I love Candy Chang's work, she's a multi disciplinary designer/artist that tries to "make cities more comfortable for people." I love her installations, they are so simple but  it does such a great job at engaging the public and getting them thinking how they would like their neighbourhood to be or reflecting their lives . The picture on top is part o the project Before I Die. She put up chalkboards on an abandoned building and had chalk available for people to fill in Before I die I want to ___________. What do you want to do before you die?

Another favourite project of mine was her I Wish This Was. Candy made these simple fill in the blank stickers and gave the public a voice as to what they would like to see vacant buildings turn into. We are always thinking of how to build something bigger, taller and better but we forget about derelict sites and abandoned buildings. Do you have vacant buildings in your neighbourhood that you wish could turn into something meaningful?

all images via Candy Chang