dee eye why: cake stands

When I came across this diy tutorial, I couldn't get to the thrift shops fast enough to buy  my materials. 1. I found four plates, four candlestick holders and matched them up.

2. I glued them together using epoxy glue.

3. I was initially going to spray paint it ecru, but then I saw this Rust-Oleum tiffany blue spray paint. I died and chucked it straight into my basket. I sprayed two coats of it and it dried the next day.

*note: you should never put food directly on it, the spray paint is not food safe. Always put a paper dollie on first.

Now my only problem is that I don't have any cute cakes to display on the cake stands! So for now, I'll put them around my room until I find the will to bake. Ooh, and to end this off, I must tell you this hilarious story.

I got tickets to be in the audience at the Marilyn Dennis show for this morning. So before leaving the house, I told my Chinese mother, who barely speaks English that I was going to be on the MARRRRILYNNNN DENNNNISSSSSS show. I even told her to look for the show that started with M at 10. After the show, I called her and asked if she saw me on TV. She goes, "I got so confused about what I was looking for. Was the host a woman or a man? Were you on the show where the two African Americans were fighting about their child?"

My mother was watching Maury Povich, LOL.

My mother is too cute.