wear away: week 8

And some links for you to peruse this weekend 1. for all you grammar freaks out there

2. yummiest wrapping paper ever

3. I love this couple's traveling blog, this must be my favourite post by far

I've been having the busiest week! Every day afterwork I'm tearing up a storm in my house where I've turned the dining room into my crafting studio. I'm in charge of decorating the office party this year and I'll be damned if it doesn't look awesome. I'll give you a little sneak peek, here's the poster I designed for the event.

And we had our office holiday bazaar today where I was able to make some extra change and guess what I got to use, my labels!

And who doesn't need some extra money at this time of the year, my favourite finance blog, Give Me Back My Five Bucks is doing a $500 giveaway. what are waiting for?! Go click the link now! or not, so I have better odds =)