Cookie Exchange: part 1

At work, a co worker started a cookie exchange for the holidays and I somehow decided to partake even though I can't bake to save my life! But how could I turn down a chance  to make some labels? We cut up paper bags and glued the front part of the label on with the name of the cookie, we went around in a circle filling the bags with yumminess, and then stuck a sticker at the back of the label to attach it to the bag. I also made everyone their own label with their name on a craft bag so they could take all their cookies home. And now I'm passing on the labels to you!

You can download a pdf of the labels to go on the paper bag here and the pdf for the craft paper bag here.

The cookie exchange was awesome and I get to eat cookies for breakfast for the next to weeks! Stay tune tomorrow for another set of cookie exchange labels! I've been crazy about labels lately!