happy birthday pops!

Two months ago, I started contemplating what to get my father for his milestone 60th birthday. I wanted a gift that carried a sentimental value to it, something he can look back on for years to come and remember what an awesome daughter he had. Then I came up with this brilliant idea, not only is it sentimental but he will forgive and forget everything I have ever done wrong in my life! I made sixty postcards to send to sixty of his family, friends and co workers. They can wish him a happy birthday and mail it back during the month of January. When they all come back, he can piece it back together and on the back is a picture of my dad and I when I was a baby. I'm a genius!Nobody besides mom and I remember my dad's birthday and he's not one to tell either. But all this week, he's had co workers, family from HK and Vancouver and even his best friend call him to wish him a happy birthday! He was so confused and was grilling me about why all these people knew! When I finally showed him the package of postcards, he was thrilled. This was definitely a birthday he won't forget. =)