diy it: chalking

I spotted this over at The Beauty Department last week and I was all over it! I was curious to see if it would work on dark hair, so I risked looking like a hot mess going to work today and woke up an extra fifteen minutes earlier to experiment. Supplies: chalk pastel, water, flat iron, brush, gloves (optional) 1. I bought the Prismacolour Nu Pastel over at Woolfits on the weekend 2. I bought a pale purple, bright blue and a pale blue. I found that the bright blue worked the best on dark hair. 3. Section off your hair, twist it at the end and wet it with water. 4. Wet the chalk pastel. 5. "Chalk" your hair until the whole tip is covered in colour. 6. Use a straightener to go over it to lock the colour in. 7. Finish your whole head and brush out the twisted hair. 8. Ta Da!

The bright blue worked really well against my dark brown hair but I did turn my whole sink blue and dyed my straightener blue. The whole process only took me 10 minutes but I had to use 5 minutes to wash off all the blue on my hands. It lasted throughout much of the day but I had to spray perfume on my hair because the chalk pastels had a funny smell to it. *Please excuse the horrible image quality of my iphone.