accessorize it: diy collar

And let's end off the accessory week with a diy collar. I picked up a bag of bedazzled jewels at dollarama and was just itching to stick them onto something.Materials: an old shirt with a collar (an ex boyfriend's dress shirt is great for this) a bag of jewels (I used 97 jewels) jewelry or fabric glue toothpick scissors

Method: 1. Cut the collar off the shirt staying as close to the stitching as possible to reduce fraying. 2. Iron the collar so that it lies flat on the table. 3. Squeeze some glue onto a scrap piece of paper and use a toothpick to dab it on to the jewels and place them on the collar. (Try not to glue your fingers together like I did, maybe tweezers would help.) 4. Keep on gluing! 5. Ta da, your bedazzled collar is done. Give the glue 24 hours to dry. I found that my glue wasn't that strong and had to glue some of the jewels that popped off.