eat it: tum

I had been dying to go to TUM and finally got tickets to this past weekend's event. It was at the Evergreen Brickworks building and filled with various food vendors. The first thing we tried was Baoss, they had a huge line up and we waited half an hour for them but it was worth it! I tried the pork belly bao and the veal cheek bao. They were both so delicious and Asian baos have a special place in my heart. They were so fluffy and warm. They also had a lobster bao that I didn't try, but my friend said it was very yum.Next up was West Side Beef Co's whole beast burger with cheese, pickles and onion jam. The meat was succulent and tasty, topped with the best pickle ever. The Comida Del Pueblo had the longest line up, we waited about forty minutes for the Jalapeno Cornbread Grilled Cheese. It was...interesting tasting, my taste buds didn't exactly fancy this combination. Lastly I had Mami's Sate Babi at Babi & co., I had been craving some skewered meat and this satisfied my craving.

Their next event is the Street Food Block Party on May 5th, combining food trucks and TUM vendors. Yummmm.