eat it: coco lezzone

I went out to Coco Lezzone in Little Italy last week for Antoinette's birthday (the pretty lady over at from the beautiful mind of antoinette). Rina had the Tagliatelle (left) with smoked bacon, mushroom and fresh arugala and I had the Mushroom Risotto (right) with mushrooms, parm cheese and truffle oil. Can't say no to truffle oil! My risotto was a little undercooked but other than that, no complaints. The service was on and off at times but they were nice enough to give us all free shots at the end to celebrate Antoinette's birthday!

602 College Street  Toronto, ON M6G 1B4 416 535 1489

And Glow's printed! Get your copy on news stand next week or get your fix at =)