eat it: diana's seafood

I had been craving for some raw oysters for a while now and after watching a segment on TV about Diana's Seafood, I knew I had to try it out for myself. I'm not usually big on seafood but the the food here was so fresh, I would come back again and again. They don't take reservations so when I got there at 6:45 on Saturday, I had to wait an hour before getting seated. I was surprised at how small the restaurant is, more than half their seating is out in the patio. It would be amazing to come back on a summer night, have oysters and drink white wine on the patio. We ordered an assortment of oysters, the fat bastard was my favourite. We also shared a seafood platter with cocktail shrimps, grilled scallops, mussels, calamri and tuna. I usually shy away from scallops but I couldn't get enough of it here! The lobster risotto was also delicious and creamy. It helped that there was a smaller portion so we didn't get filled up on the risotto. For dessert we had a phyllo covered cheesecake and creme brule. I've never had a phyllo cheesecake before and let me tell you, it blew my socks off. Such a simple idea, yet so tasty! The phyllo had a crunchy texture that complimented the cheesecake's softness. I'm almost tempted to go buy some phyllo sheets, wrap some cheesecake in it and stick it in the oven. Even though the restaurant was busy all throughout the night but the service was incredible. The manager (I'm assuming) took care of us and was tentative and funny. I can't wait till I can come back again and just order a dozen oysters to myself.105 Lawrence Ave. East, Toronto, ON M1R 2Z4 416.288.1588