love it: Glow's Holiday Cookie Exchange

glow cookie exchangeMy Glow family loves to amuse me and I love them for that! Instead of the old Secret Santa where nobody ever gets what they want and I dash around last minute to Homesense picking up nonsense that nobody will ever use, we did a cookie exchange instead! I made apple pie cookies from Smitten Kitchen, but I cheated and used pre made pie crusts... you can say I'm lazy, I say I'm resourceful. I got polka dot paper bags from my favourite store, Creative Bag, for people to put cookies in and bigger kraft bags for everyone to lug their cookies back to their desk. To top it off, I brought in vanilla and chocolate almond milk (my new favourite kind of milk!) for us to sip on while we bag our cookies. My favourite part? Munching on cookies at my desk, getting a sugar high and instagramming all the cute cookies.