do it: 2013 new year's resolution

Happy New Year! No point in making new year's resolutions if you don't follow up. So let's take a look at last year's. 1. Paint again. Kinda, I didn't physically paint, but I did do these Mou paintings in Photoshop... 2. Return to Istanbul. Nope, probably won't happen till 2015 with the bestie. 3. Quit the gym and go back to dancing. Check! I did quit and went to hip hop, ballet and modern dance classes. 4. Go to maui with the family. Nope. We decided to take separate trips this year. 5. To live in the moment. I sure hope so!

And now onto 2013's... new years resolution1. A family trip somewhere, anywhere. 2. To STICK to my budget. I finished Gail's It's Your Money book and I started the the budget in November and December but fell off the wagon a tad bit. 3. Be a gym rat. It's ironic that I quit the gym in 2012 only to join the most ridiculously expensive and over the top gym with the bestie for 2013. I plan on living there from now on. 4. To find patience when I mentor and teach and to remember that others can't read my mind.