diy it: Babes & Gems

babes and gemsWe had a mini celebration at the office yesterday to celebrate babies that are coming and engagement blings! I of course couldn't help myself and into decorating overdrive. I was so excited to use my fancy party supplies I bought from Hema in Paris. A good party always needs an element of surprise. For this I made the Babes & Gems sign from this DIY which really wasn't all that hard to put together, just a bit time consuming. And my secret weapon for every one of my parties, gold fringe door curtains, they instantly make any space feel special. For table decor, I bought a bunch of plastic animals from the dollar store and spray painted them gold, another secret weapon of mine. I drilled holes in a couple of them and stuck my co worker's baby picture onto toothpicks for a classic baby guessing game. Ring pops with a thank you note attached acted as favours which gave a nod to baby showers and the engagements. Last but not least, I made sure we had good grub. I picked up Paulette's donuts, Bobbette and Belle's caramel popcorn (which I'm absolutely addicted to), cheese from the St. Lawrence market and vanilla macarons from my friend, Steph, (check out her macaron page, Choux).