date idea: The Happy Show & Swish by Han

date idea 1In light of valentine's day coming up soon, I thought I would start a new kind of post, date ideas. This doesn't have to be just for couples, these can be friend dates too! Sagmeister is one of the most respected designers of our time, my favourite work of his was the Banana Wall. His exhibition The Happy Show is now on at the Design Exchange. It lets the viewer enter his mind as he tries to increase the level of his happiness through meditation, cognitive therapy and mood altering drugs. The exhibition was interactive and very well designed. It's definitely a must see! It's on now till March 3rd.

Afterwards, take a ten minute walk over to Swish by Han for fusion Korean food. My favourites are their lettuce wraps and bimbimbap, which is extra yummy since it's so cold outside. Read my review here.

Design Exchange: 234 Bay St Swish by Han: 38 Wellington St. East Toronto, ON