diy it: Cubicle Makeover under $100

My coworker recently showed me this Marie Claire post on their extreme cubicle makeover. My little DIY heart obviously couldn't contain it's excitement and had to do my own version. Here's a before shot of my already tidied desk. I'm too embarrassed to even show you what it normally looks like with it's mounds and mounds of paper.

Here's the after!

I used this Kate Spade wrapping paper to "wallpaper" my walls which actually proved to be quite difficult. I ended up having to buy foam core at the dollar store, cut those to size and wrap the paper around that before taping it up. But then I ran into the problem of not being able to put my magnets up, and so for one panel, I used bristol board instead of foam core. I like how this still feels "neutral" and not a stark contrast compared to my neighbouring cubicles.
Here are some more details:

Bits and bobs: I had so many random little bits lying around, a glue stick, a nail polish, a lip balm, etc. I found this amazing gold bowl at CB2 to fit it all in. I'm planning on picking up a second one to go on my bar cart at home!

Gold clips: My DIY motto? When in doubt, spray paint it gold. I took all the mismatched clips and spray painted it gold to give it a uniform feel and it matched my gold wall paper.

Mason Jars and a tray: Some health person out there is probably going to poo poo this idea of sticking your vitamins and supplements in mason jars but I couldn't stand how ugly and mismatched the packaging was! I only had two kinds of supplements I was taking and they looked so different I didn't need any reminders of what they are. But if I had more, I would probably buy these cute Martha Stewart chalk labels to stick on  and write what they were and when they expired.

Gold pins: Since I taped up the foam core, my magnets weren't going to work anymore. Thankfully I had these lovely Kate Spade gold bow pins gifted from a friend for Christmas.

Gold rimmed planter: Lastly I used a bit of gold paint to line the edge of my planter just to give it something special.

Here's my cost breakdown of my cubicle makeover
Kate Spade Gift Wrap- Gold Dots (2 rolls): $24
CB2 Gold Pinch Bowl: $6
Poppin Signature Pens: $12
Poppin Pen Cup: $ 6
Poppin tray: $9
Poppin stackable inboxes: $24
Vintage glass: $5
Foamcore: $4
Total: $90

$90 to make a place where I spend 40 hours a week feel more cheerful? Totally worth it.