diy: paper headboard

Well,  more like a headboard extension I guess. I've been obsessed with accordion circles lately and since I got two packs of beautiful paper for Christmas, I folded them all up.

1. You need two pieces of squared paper for each circle. Score each of them at 1" intervals. Fold each piece of paper like an accordion, fold it in the middle and use white glue to stick it together so it turns out like a fan. (I like using black clips to hold them down while I work on the other pieces.)

2. Once both pieces are folded like a fan, open them up like semi circles and glue them together to form a full circle.

3. I glued a piece of scrap paper at the back so it had a bigger flat surface to stick onto the wall.

4. I love this Uglu stuff, it's super strong and it doesn't leave a residue behind. I found it at Showcase.