diy: friendship bracelets <3

Friendship, the ship that never sinks. I'm such a cheeseball. For Christmas, I made my besties friendship bracelets! I loved watching them fight over their favourite colour. They were super easy to make, here's my little tutorial.


suede cords



rings (that can be plied open)



1. Cut three pieces of suede cord about twice the length of your wrist

2. Tie a knot at one end

3. Pry open one of the rings with two pliers

4. Loop the ring into the knot

5. Close up the ring with pliers

6. Tape down the knot onto the table and insert a ring on cord A and cord C

7. You can start braiding now! Bring A over top of B

8. Bring C over top of A

9. Loop a ring into B

10. Loop a ring into C

11. Move the tape down to hold the bracelet in place. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until you've braided enough to go around your wrist.

12. Make a knot where you've finished braiding and cut the excess off

13. Open up a ring with pliers

14. Loop it into the knot you just made

15. Loop a finding into the ring and close up the ring with pliers.

16. Tadaaa!