diy it: ombre denim vest

materials: latex gloves, bucket, bleach, old denim shirt

1. Drench your denim shirt in the sink 2. Wring out the excess water 3. Pour some bleach into the bucket, about 1/5 of the way

4. Dip the denim shirt in half way 5. Once half the shirt is bleached to your liking, pull it out a quarter of the way. 6. Once the shirt is bleached to the ombre colour effect you want (mine took half an hour), rinse out all the bleach from the shirt 7. Wash and dry the shirt 8. If you want a denim jacket, stop here 9. If you want a denim vest, cut off the sleeves where the seams are

Voila! Now I think I need to add some studs to this to make it bad ass.

Disclaimer: * Do not go rock climbing the day before this or you won't be able to wring out the shirt! ** Listening, singing and dancing to Adele with a friend is recommended while you wait for the bleach to work its magic.