diy it: bachelorette welcome boxes

This past weekend, a group of us got together for a bachelorette weekend in Montreal. It was an amazing and wild one and you know what they say, what happens in Montreal stays in Montreal! I obviously put myself in charge of coming up with fun ideas to get the party started! Up first, I made these bachelorette welcome boxes for everyone to open while on the plane. I made surprise balls with hidden bead necklaces, candy and balloons for making balloon animals. I also made a tulle hair clip (a pin for the only boy coming) for everyone to clip in to their hair when we hit the clubs at night and popped in some snacks to get everyone's sugar level up on the plane. They were so simple to make, I ordered mostly everything from Creative bag and popped by the dollar store for the knick knacks and crepe steamers.

To help you out on your next bachelorette, I've made you a downloadable pdf of bachelorette labels to stick on to your boxes!I miss these guys and Montreal already (missing Benita), coming back to reality sucks!