london: the land of the high street shops

Our fifth day in Europe was the most hectic, we ended up missing our Euro rail by five minutes. We were sitting downstairs stuffing our faces with croissants and baguettes one last time and oblivious to the fact we had to get upstairs to go through customs! They were super nice about it though and was just going to put us on the next train, an hour later. Lo and behold, this train is as faulty as they come and our journey of two hours extended to five. But we were so tired that we ended up passing out for five hours on the train. As soon as we settled in to our hotel (tune hotel at liverpool, I highly recommend this, affordable and in a great location!) It was off to Primark! I cannot even explain what happened to me, but it was like the shopping demon possessed me and I was out of control. Things were flying into my basket because everything was just 5 pounds, 10 pounds. How do you say no to a 5 pound skirt?! HOW? I must have stayed there for three hours until my friend dragged me and my two large bags out of the store. We ended the night off at Gordon's Wine Bar. It was the neatest bar I've been to, the inside was a cave lit all around with candle lights. There was a food station where you could order cheese, cooked food and a salad bar. There were also several wine bar stationed all around for you to drink yourself silly. We ended up getting a spot outside on their "patio" and I devoured the cheese quite quickly after a tiring shopping session.

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