buy it: March 2014's Glow

march glowThe March's issue of Glow is out and the amazing Kate Bock is on the cover, see the whole shoot here. ! With the new year, I redesigned the contents, masthead and contributor's page. I've been on this geometric kick lately, I'm loving the circles and hexagons. Along with that, beauty decoder also got a refresh where we break down a beauty basic down to steps to show you how to achieve the look. My favourite by far is our spring trend report where I worked with illustrator, Nadia Flower who used makeup to write the subheads.

buy it: Glow Winter 2014

winter glowGlow's winter 2014 issue is out and we caught up with the quirky Aubrey Plaza! There's a beauty gift guide for every age woman in your life. I got to work with the very talented illustrator, Antonio Soares for our anti aging story. Natasha V and Rodney worked their magic again for our health frontis playing with wine stains and bar napkins. I got to do a bit of illustration work for our health talk section and worked with Michelle Burca, whom I've been dying to work with for our Spotlight with Shiseido eye shadows! This might be my favourite issue so far!

buy it: October's Glow

glow octoberSeptember is flying by! October's Glow is out on newsstands and we got to work with some great illustratos this issue. Maren Esdar did a fun illustration collage for our fragrance story on why do we buy celebrity perfumes? Ekaterina Koroleva did a beautiful illustration for our anti aging story about how algae is beneficial to our skin. And also in this issue (not shown above) is a story about all about how women are unabashedly reading erotic novels on their Kobo, scandalous!

buy it: may's glow

glow mayThis is a bit late but May's Glow is out! Isn't the cover beautiful? You can see the whole of Erin Wasson's shoot here. There's also an interesting article on Narciso Rodriguez, Bart De Backer and Jared Leto. This issue also had me thinking about the artistry of photography. With a smartphone, anyone is a photographer and with instagram, anyone can fake being a good photographer. On set, I can truly appreciate the skills and talent of a photographer. I really admire their insistence to get the perfect lighting to the attention of the most minute detail. Here's a behind the scene shot with one of my favourite photographers, Andrew Grinton, shooting from high above while I held my breath hoping he wouldn't come tumbling down.


buy it: April's Glow

april glowIt was so nice coming to work last week and seeing that the magazine fairy dropped off a copy of April's Glow on my desk. And look, I'm in there, twice! I got to work with Dan Lim for The Trend Report where we shot the editors and I trying out runway trends. It was only three years ago that Dan came into my editorial class at OCAD to dazzle us with the world of photo shoots. It's still unreal that I got the chance to work with him and have him take my photo! Being on the other side of the camera was difficult, I was no longer just approving shots but I had to give good face! It made me appreciate the job of a model, it's not as glamorous as we think, having the pressure of getting THE shot can be nerve wrecking.