love it: parisian string balls

When I came across La Case du Cousin Paul at Monmarte in Paris, I nearly died of excitement. The whole store was covered from ceiling to floor with different coloured balls! All rationality went flying out the door and before I knew it, I had gathered up thirty balls in my basket. How was I going to bring thirty hallow balls back to Canada? Who knows! They're meant to be strung up with Christmas lights but I figured I would never turn them on and with my luck, they would just be a fire hazard anyways. Out came a needle and some string and up they went over my fire place. Very satisfying afternoon indeed!

love it: happy birthday Rina

We threw a surprise birthday for Rina this weekend! And we had a surprise for our guests too, it was hello kitty themed! All the girls had hello kitty ear headbands, I put up one of my infamous photobooth backdrop, there were hello kitty cupcakes and Pee made a 27 pinata! Good friends and booze, what more can I ask for?!

love it: anthropologie

This week theme is turning out to be home decorating, I think this shows my desperateness to move out. Anthropologie has been in Canada for a couple of years now but I usually stay away from the store and the website because everything is so painfully beautiful that I can't bear not to buy anything. So in order to save myself from bankruptcy, I steer clear of it in Yorkville and I freeze my credit card in ice cubes before I dare enter their website because I have no self control when it comes to their home decor. bookcase / console / bed / bedding / chair / dining table