Merry Christmas

We didn't put up a tree this year, actually we haven't done it for a few years now. Here's my virtual tree, can you tell I'm obsessed with birds? I hope you all have a super awesome Christmas! I can't wait to go buy all these baubles on discount after Christmas! white bird / blue jeweled ornament / sparkly ornament / blue birds ornament / antique silver glass origami ornament / owl / light blue birds ornament / fluffy bird / antique blue glass origami ornament / gold jeweled ornament / pink jeweled ornament

gift guide: nerd alert!

This is for all your friends and family who loves a good book. These are my personal favourites. 1. Persepolis - great graphic novel about the Iran cultural revolution

2. A Bed of Red Flowers - great for understanding a bit of the Afghanistan history

3. Tears of the Dessert - very moving story about a young doctor in Dafur

4. War Child - this book got me hooked on reading biographies about Sudanese

5. Twenty Letters to a Friend - this is Stalin's daughter's autobiography, and my next read. I can't wait!

freebie: Holiday labels, gift tags and place cards

  So you've started your holiday shopping and the presents are just piling up in your room. Girlfriends, it's time to start wrapping them or before you know it, you'll be covered in glue, sparkles and cuts on Christmas eve. This year, I'm really feeling the kraft paper. You've already spent your whole paycheck on presents, so you really need to be frugal with the wrapping. But a fabulous gift deserves a great presentation. So wrap your presents in kraft paper, get some red, blue and white twine, tie it up and slap one of these labels on it. Too easy. And as a bonus, I threw in a place card for when you throw your awesome holiday party. I can't wait to print some of these and use them tomorrow at the office holiday bazaar! Download them here.