wear it: hearts galore

I'm back from Europe! I haven't been able to continue my blog posts on my adventures because a gypsy stole my phone right out of my pocket on the Paris metro! That'll be a story to tell the grandkids. I'll continue the london and paris adventures when I get a hold of the pictures from my friend's camera. The markets in London were so wonderful and I kept buying dresses, more dresses, bracelets and head garlands! You don't even want to know how many flower garlands I bought, I'm bringing hippie style back! I fell in love with the heart pattern on this flowy dress and it was perfect for such a hot, humid day! I miss blue cheese and croissants terribly but it feels great to sleep in my own bed again and dive straight into the next issue of Glow!

dress: camden market in London / garland: poppy daisy / shoes: marc by marc jacobs / bag: marc by marc jacobs / bracelets: hk market, juicy couture, diy, paris market, london market / rings: durumi, house of harlow, marc by marc jacobs / watch: michael kors