london: culture overload

On our second day in London, I injected a whole lotta culture into our day. I love London's culture and the way they really protect and help the art community grow. Galleries and museums are free and there are so many free art events that pop up everywhere. We started off at Tate Modern where the Damien Hirst exhibition was held. It was by far, hands down the best curated show I've been to. I knew of his work from going to art school but the way it was curated and the little books we got that guided us through the exhibition gave me such a thorough understanding of his work. My favourite was his butterfly series where he explores the ideas of life and death.  In one room there were live butterflies flying around and eating on fruits. In the next room, he's mounted dead butterflies onto canvases and patterned them in a way so they looked like stain glass on churches. Afterwards, we wandered around the rest of the exhibits, my favourite being the art installations and made sure we got to take a peek at the diamond skull before we left.We headed to the Shakespeare's Globe next to see the Hamlet play. I had take a tour of the theatre the last time I was in London and I was blown away. This time, I made sure I got tickets to see a play. Tip 1, pay a little extra and get a seat because the play was three hours long and if you're unlucky, you might even get rained on! Tip 2, pay a pound and rent a cushion or your tush is going to be sore after three hours. Being in the same environment as where the Shakespearean plays would have happened hundreds of years ago was surreal. The four years of studying Shakespeare in English class finally paid off! After the play, we walked along the River Thames and got a photo op with the London Bridge. London bridge is falling down, falling down...lalalalala.

You might have noticed I have stopped putting images of all the food I've been, and that's because London's food is incomparable to Paris. I probably had three good meals in London.

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