babble: to drink or not to drink

Social drinking, is there ever a time when it's acceptable to decline a drink? I probably have the least will power out of everyone I know. I wanted to start off October with a detox, nothing crazy where you only drink kale juice that leave you weak in the knees by noon. Just a no alcohol detox, for the sake of my skin. My Chinese doctor has been trying to convince me for the past two months to take this crazy feat on but I secretly think my parents are bribing him to tell me this. It's October 4th today. I already fell off the wagon on the first day of the month. I jumped back on for the second day only to keep stumbling off the third and fourth day. I manage to convince my pushover self that I need to drink because I'm out with friends, it's a social obligation or I'm at a brewery! How do you say no when everyone else around you is drinking, you don't want to seem all up tight and heck, you want to let loose too?! Maybe my goal of no drinking for one month is too grand of a gesture. Maybe I start with just not drinking this long weekend and insist on driving everywhere so I have that to fall back as an excuse. As for letting loose, maybe I take on the Lindsay Lohan redbull diet and ride on the caffeine craze for a bit. Cheers to getting through the weekend sans alcohol.