aww yeah: photobooths

Photobooths have been popping up everywhere, especially at weddings. They're super fun, so easy to set up and gives your guests an activity to do. I've made one for thanksgiving, one for my work party and one for new year's eve! I've put up a tutorial here but if you want one, get at me! Just tape up the backdrop, find a few props from around your house or at the dollar store, get a tripod and camera or even just your iphone and click away! Here are some photobooth inspiration from Smilebooth for my next one!

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aww yeah: vogue covers

There's something about Vogue that is timeless and elegant and it's still my all time favourite fashion magazine. They published a book Vogue: The Covers looking back chronologically at all the covers that have graced the newsstands. I would love to get my hands on one of the illustrated cover magazines. It's too bad fashion magazines don't do illustrated covers anymore. Well, I lied, Harper's Bazaar did one of Lily Allen last year. Now I regret not buying it. vogue covers / harper's bazaar

aww yeah: Oxfam Christmas Giving Campaign

With Christmas just around the corner, it's so easy to get caught up with the sales, presents and food. It's so easy to forget that there are so many that are living in poverty and cannot afford a fraction of the luxuries we have. I love the posters for Oxfam's Christmas Giving Campaign this year. For the holidays this year, you can buy a school meal for a child, a healthy herd for a family or stock a cereal bank.  

aww yeah: snowboarding season

I haven't hit the slopes for a good three years now. I think I always dread the part about packing up all the winter gear, driving up to blue mountain, getting the clothes and boots on and then going up the ski lift. I just need to remember how it's all worth it once I'm finally there, on top of the mountain with a beaver tail in my hot little hands...until I fall on my ass/face halfway down the mountain. But I think I wouldn't dread the getting ready part and falling on my face and bruising my ego part so much if I had cuter gear. =) Do you snowboard/ski? What's your favourite part?

hat / jacket / goggles / snow pants / snowboard / gloves

aww yeah: Photography of the Hajj Pilgrimage

My friend Melissa, shared a link to the images above awhile ago. They capture various moments of the Hajj Pilgrimage that attracts thousands of Muslims to Mecca every year. Every Muslim who can afford it must take a trip at least once in a lifetime. It reminded me of the Vice Guide documentary I watched last year. I had no idea what the Hajj Pilgrimage was before this and I'm glad to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. [youtube]