love it: mou boots

As a Canadian, I know all about bitter cold winters. When it feels like minus twenty outside, I pile the layers on, a down jacket, gloves, a hat, a scarf and fur boots. As much as I want to love Uggs, I just can't do it, I feel like I have elephant feet in them. And then I found Mou. I was head over heels in love the first time I stuck my bare feet into them and let my toes curl up in the fur. Nothing keeps me happier than warm feet during the cold weather. But I wouldn't suggest wearing them out in a blizzard, they aren't waterproof which really is the only down side to them. Illustrations a la moi! Remember how I said I wanted to start painting in my 2012 goals? This is kind of close to it, painting in photoshop =P

mcclaren / kirkind / montana

aww yeah: snowboarding season

I haven't hit the slopes for a good three years now. I think I always dread the part about packing up all the winter gear, driving up to blue mountain, getting the clothes and boots on and then going up the ski lift. I just need to remember how it's all worth it once I'm finally there, on top of the mountain with a beaver tail in my hot little hands...until I fall on my ass/face halfway down the mountain. But I think I wouldn't dread the getting ready part and falling on my face and bruising my ego part so much if I had cuter gear. =) Do you snowboard/ski? What's your favourite part?

hat / jacket / goggles / snow pants / snowboard / gloves