do it: hockley valley resort

I had found a travel zoo deal for Hockley Valley Resort and Pee and I had a lovely getaway last weekend. There was a hiccup though because we had originally scheduled it for two weekends before and after driving an hour to Orangeville, we found out that the power was knocked out in that area. The resort was a bit hesitant at first in rescheduling us but they came through in the end for us. It was Pee's first time snowboarding and she was a champ, plowing down the mountain and even pulling off some dance moves. We spent six hours falling on ice and feeling the wind whipping through our jackets as we "tore/fell" down the mountain. After a hot shower, we found a pho place for some comfort food and headed back to the resort for our complimentary cocktail. The Restaurant 85 was beautiful and made a yummy chocolate raspberry soufflé. In the morning we headed down for breakfast included in our deal and they had three different kinds of smoked salmon! I was in heaven! Looking back, this weekend was about overcoming fear. How many times have we stopped doing something out of fear? I had started snowboarding six years ago, I'm a champ at plowing down the mountain but I could never carve. I was scared shitless of going down the mountain on my toe side and the idea of having the board going straight down the mountain had me running the other way. All I could imagine was face planting in the snow and limbs flying everywhere But deep down, I wanted to be able to turn and carve so badly. I kept giving myself all these excuses, it's just an age thing, I would never be able to get it because the older I got, the bigger the fear grew. It even got to the point where I stopped going snowboarding for the past two years because I gave up trying to carve. I'm happy to say that this time around, I faced my fear and slapped it out of the way. I wasn't carving down a black diamond, but I was turning on my toe side. I wiped out quite a bit with bruises to show but I can proudly show those off as my battle wounds! Do you have fears? Would you want to overcome them? *sorry for the lack of photos, by the time I thought about blogging about this, it was too late for photos

aww yeah: snowboarding season

I haven't hit the slopes for a good three years now. I think I always dread the part about packing up all the winter gear, driving up to blue mountain, getting the clothes and boots on and then going up the ski lift. I just need to remember how it's all worth it once I'm finally there, on top of the mountain with a beaver tail in my hot little hands...until I fall on my ass/face halfway down the mountain. But I think I wouldn't dread the getting ready part and falling on my face and bruising my ego part so much if I had cuter gear. =) Do you snowboard/ski? What's your favourite part?

hat / jacket / goggles / snow pants / snowboard / gloves