london: a little bit of royalty

We end off our last day in London with a bit of royalty. Off we went to the Buckingham Palace to try and catch a glimpse of Kate but instead we kept staring at the royal guards marching instead.A royal morning wouldn't be complete without a bit of afternoon tea. We went to the Anthenaeum Hotel voted the the best afternoon tea in 2012 by the Tea Guild close to the Buckingham place.I don't think I can every do afternoon tea in Toronto again. They had six types of finger sandwiches to choose from and they kept on coming! I helped myself to three servings of the smoked salmon sandwich. The second course was scones and English crumpets with Devonshire clotted cream, homemade Jam and lemon curd. The English crumpet was my favourite part of the whole meal! Afterwards for our third course, a trolley full of sweets rolled around for you to pick as many as you want! I was in dessert heaven, I ended up picking out a champagne jelly, chocolate dipped strawberry and cheesecake. If I hadn't stuffed myself silly with scones and crumpets and sandwiches, I probably would have gotten one of everything. Before the trip, my friend had told me of the restaurant, Sarastro, which was featured in World's Weirdest Restaurant on the food network. We decided to give it a try as our last meal in London. Eclectic would be an understatement for the decorations in Sarastro. I felt like I had walked into an antique shop and was having a meal there. The table cloth and napkin was velvet, chairs, chandeliers were dangling down from the ceiling and freaky dolls peered at me. The washrooms were also a whole different story, lets just say they had a separate one for children under 16. The food was surprisingly not bad, I had roasted vegetables as an attempt to begin the detoxing of all the cheese and meat I had through out the trip. We wandered around Covent Garden after and had a couple of more drinks to toast the end of a very awesome trip. =)

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